Fédération Européenne du Cheval de Trait pour la promotion de son Utilisation

FECTU logoThe Fédération Européenne du Cheval de Trait pour la promotion de son Utilisation (FECTU) (European Draught Horse Federation) was established in 2003, when seven organisations related with the promotion of animal traction met in Luxembourg and created FECTU as an umbrella organisation.

FECTU aims to promote cooperation throughout Europe between organisations which are committed to the employment of working horses and other draught animals, with an awareness of the common interests of these organisations. In doing so, FECTU contributes to the preservation of a European cultural heritage and promotes the responsible professional and amateur use of working animals as a renewable source of energy.

The federation has gradually made a name for itself internationally as representative of the working horse scene, and as a contact point for individuals as well as organisations and government bodies. For example, it represents the working horse sector in the umbrella organisation European Horse Network.

FECTU has assisted with its many and various connections at many international events, conferences and meetings on the theme of working animals. Its representatives made a significant contribution and formed contacts with individuals and institutions all over Europe which are active in the field of working animals. From 2014, FECTU took over the publication of the international journal, the Draught Animal News, which was published between 1989 and 2009.

Today FECTU consists of 19 participating organisations from 14 European countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxemburg, Ireland and the United Kingdom.