World Horse Welfare

World Horse Welfare logoWorld Horse Welfare is a respected UK-based charity that has been improving the health and welfare of equids around the globe for 90 years. The charity's whole approach is practical, realistic, based on scientific evidence and its extensive experience, and focused on delivering lasting change.

The charity works to improve the harmony of the equine-human partnership primarily through education and sharing of good practice, both in the UK and internationally. By working in partnership with equine owners, governments, universities and other organisations, the charity successfully improves equine care, skills and policies affecting equids of all kinds.

The primary role of its international work in 16 countries across three continents is to help those who depend on equids for their livelihoods to better care for their most important asset.  The charity does this by facilitating community empowerment, promoting stakeholder buy-in and consensus in order to achieve sustainable improvements to working equid welfare.

World Horse Welfare works to improve the immediate and long-term welfare of working equids through capacity building of and collaboration with local organisations, community-based projects that provide guidance and support to owners, hands-on care to working equids, skills training for local service providers and the immersion of animal welfare within schools’ curriculums. In all the charity aims to be realistic, compassionate and forward-thinking.