Full Collar - Valencia style

Agricultural collar for heavy-duty work, made of canvas, wool, straw and rawhide, open at the bottom and adjustable in width there too. It adapts anatomically quite easily if it is the right size. Formerly hames were made of curved wood, and are currently made of laminated plywood or iron pipe. The hitching point can be adjusted.

Country product name

Collaron valenciano
Equipment type
Equipment use
Professional use
Collar type
Full collar open (adjustable)
Collar suitability
Draft (horse, mule)
Full (horse, mule)
Large, giant donkey
Collar adjustment
Horizontal adjustment
Collar material (external)
Raw hide
Collar material (internal)
Straw or similar
Fibre of animal origin or similar (e.g. wool)
Hames/rigid structure collar material
Hitching point adjustment
Manufacturer's distribution
Regionally (Europe)