Horse Progress Days


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The purpose of Horse Progress Days is to showcase the complete line-up of the latest equipment innovations and hitching techniques in the Draft Horse Industry. There will be educational seminars and clinics to guide you on your journey with Draft Animals, whether you are just getting started or are looking for ways to broaden your knowledge.

  • See the horses up close and in action.
  • See many different draft horse breeds, plus mules, ponies, and oxen; in harness, doing what they do best.
  • Watch hitches from one to twelve demonstrating plowing, tillage, haymaking, produce farming, logging, and more.

Seminar presentations have long been a part of Horse Progress Days. Increasing knowledge and improving life is a quest upon which humans have been on since the very first ones set foot on this good earth. In communities where basic needs are met, there is time and incentive for learning new ways and in some cases, re-examining old ways that may have relevance for the present day. The local and national planners of Horse Progress Days are determined to keep learning in the forefront and entertainment out back.

For more information, visit the Horse Progress Days website.